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  • What You Need To Know About 5G Network, And Why There Is Still Some Work To Do

    February 29, 2020 By Allen Sissie 0 comments ,  

    Thanks to the innovations in network services for the past decade, we are able to enjoy the perks of searching for answers on the world wide web, anytime and anywhere, as well as connecting to our friends and relatives through the social media. Our mobile devices make use of 4G network, which enables us to connect to the internet and enjoy fast connection, even in the most confined places in the country.

    Now, the US telecommunications company have already introduced the fifth-generation wireless network, better known as 5G network, which boasts faster and more stable network service in smartphones, tablets, and computers. While the current 4G has given us so many benefits for the past few years, 5G has the former’s apparent flaws all fixed.

    But what does 5G really offer us, and why is it being dubbed as the real deal in the high-tech era?

    5G Network Rattles Up The Wireless Frequency Spectrum

    The recently-released mobile phone technology certainly set the bar higher for the use of airwaves. At the high-energy end of the microwave spectrum, the “millimeter” wave frequencies are able to handle huge amounts of data, but the downside is these frequencies can still be easily blocked, possibly by structures or the mere fact that the signal is located so far away from the target device. It is also worth noting that lower-band frequencies carry less data but over longer distances. At this point, a so-called “mid-band” frequency is desired, but only government agencies have the access to this, and it would probably need new infastructures to support the use of different frequencies by the general population.

    Enter the 5G network, which makes all else possible that the 4G feature deems impossible.

    Of course, just like 4G, there are many things that still need to be considered to maximize the full use of 5G wireless network. Some companies like QualcommEricsson and Verizon already announced that there would be technological improvements heading to the market, which would increase download speeds for some 5G users at a ridiculously high rate. There won’t be any reason for you to miss reading this fitness addicts review with this kind of fast internet connection.


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