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  • The Plumbing System and the Smart Ways Technology

    April 6, 2020 By Evette Normand 0 comments

    Generally, as digital era dominates the world today, smartphones almost control everything. From light fixtures to heating and cooling systems, from motion-censored security cameras to internet operated doors, these innovations can be automatically controlled or adjusted through the use of smartphones. Meanwhile, some smart home automation systems are gaining their popularity because of their user friendly feature and elegant appeal.

    Previously, smart home technology has already been used but seems to be taken for granted. They are already been incorporated into piping and plumbing environment which offers promising benefits to save money and assist in preventing disasters in relation with water-damage. However, these new trend in the plumbing system provides greater opportunities to plumbing home owners and businesses. 

    The demand for utilization of high-tech plumbing upgrades increases as it calls for bigger opportunities for plumbing business.

    Newest Technology within the Plumbing Industry

    Here are the most updated technologies that can be utilized for use within the home plumbing system or businesses to be incorporated by plumber york which also shows how people love technology in the kitchen.

    Brain Pipes

    Through a demand-operated water system, Brain Pipes technology operates. The main supply of water is usually closed by default and through an authorized water request, this supply opens automatically. The water device also contains a detection sensor that coordinates directly with the main operating system to supply the water directly. 


    ETwater is generally a cloud-based irrigation system and not a water service company. It is classified as the smallest sprinkler available. The ETwater controls the watering result for outdoor use automatically based on several factors. Moreover, this provides an irrigation system that is ever reliable and water is more conserved that wasted. Also, this technology is connected to a wireless network using 3G and 4G connectivity.

    Smart Appliances

    This new technology provides the benefit of smart home and business owners. The appliances are generally built-in with microchips that contain automatic sensing abilities that can also be controlled using smartphones.

    Delta Leak Detection

    The Delta Leak Detection has created a system that can determine water leaks on different levels through sensors and software. Compared to the commercial water systems, this new water technology uses the home’s WiFi in order to work. This is generally powered by three AAA batteries and monitoring through mobile app which can be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

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