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  • The Importance Of Rat Control

    When it comes to rat control, there are new technologies emerging and bringing greater and better range of alternatives. For instance, in recent years, a lot of companies have been developing numerous electronic devices for expert pest controllers to monitor rats or rodents which would allow them to concentrate on assessing risks and prevention. Furthermore, such devices provide information to people regarding rodent activity through notifications. Which can greatly aid in identifying as well as treating rat infestation before it multiplies. With this technology and the Internet of Things, rat control is bettered and made more effective.

    Importance Of Rat Control

    When rats are able to get into the home, it can get a bit messy. Apart from the possibility of contaminating food as well as damaging the structure, rats can put at risk the health of everyone in the family. Different species of rodents, such as mice and rats spread over 35 types of diseases and these can be directly transmitted to people by means of contact with rodents, their urine, feces or saliva, or even indirectly through fleas, mites or ticks that have fed on a rodent that is infected. Female rats have 7 to 10 litters yearly, with 6-10 rat babies for every litter. Hence, it won’t take long for an infestation of rats to develop in your home if you don’t do anything about it.

    Things You Can Do

    While there are state-of-the-art technologies for rat control, not everyone has access to them. Thankfully, there are things you can do to prevent rats from sneaking in, entering, or getting rid of them in your home. Let’s have a look at some:

    • Seal Possible Entry Points. Look for holes in the interior and exterior floors and walls and seal them to limit or prevent the access of rats. If the head of the rat can fit through an opening, the rat can squeeze its entire body through the hole. Moreover, a rat can chew on a small opening and turn it into a larger hole for them to squeeze through. You can make use of a steel wool to plug tiny holes.
    • Remove Possible Ways for Rodents to Climb Inside Your Home. Eliminate vines from your walls, trim off the branches of trees away from utility lines and your roof.  Place tree guards, plastic or metal sheeting around trunks of trees or pipes that rodents can use to climb in your home.
    • Limit Their Access To Water and Food. Make certain trash can lids are secure and remove water sources in the exterior of your home to make it less attractive to thirsty and hungry rats and other pests.

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