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  • The impact and future of technology

    September 9, 2020 By Evette Normand 0 comments ,  

    Technology has undeniably become part of people’s daily lives, to the point where it has taken over their lives for over two to three decades.

    Notice how your life is surrounded by devices and technical devices. The mobile phone on your bed, the computer at your desk, your Wi-Fi router, and even your thermostat – all of these are examples of how technology has changed every aspect of your life. For instance, registering in driving classes is accessible through an online safety driving course.

    The positive impact of technology on society

    Smartphone revolution

    It was not so long ago where mobile phones were used mainly for calling and sending texts. These days, cell phone usage is very crucial. Mobil phones do everything from high-resolution images to pixel-perfect videos, surfing the Internet, graphics-intensive games, and monitoring your movements. It’s amazing how this little device can handle demanding tasks in addition to meeting basic communication needs.

    The introduction of smartphones and technology has made lives so much easier. People can communicate with their loved ones easily at any time and using video calls and instant messaging apps. Everyday jobs such as creating slides, creating documents, and reading emails no longer require a laptop or desktop.

    In short, smartphones and apps have changed the way you work, communicate, and play. In addition, the growing development of internet-based companies and e-commerce is directly proportional to the speedy spread of smartphones.

    What is the negative effect of technology?

    Less active lifestyle

    While the smartphone revolution has made lives easier, it has also made people lazy. Today the whole world is at your fingertips and you no longer have to work or move around to get things done as you did before.

    The lack of physical activity can be attributed partially to over-reliance on smartphones. The younger generation is constantly glued to their phones. In modern times, cell phone addiction has had a negative impact. Care must be taken to effectively solve this problem.

    Future of technology

    Technology grows rapidly with each passing day. The proper use of technology has a bright future for people despite concerns about unemployment and over-dependency.

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