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  • The Car That Keeps You Awake

    November 25, 2020 By Evette Normand 0 comments

    Vehicles of the future may keep an eye on those behind the wheels. It can keep you alert when you start to doze off. This technology can make this possible by scanning your face for any signs of drowsiness. Car manufacturers are creating cars of the future that will help lower car accidents due to drowsiness and falling asleep. The manufactures uses two built-in cameras in the car’s dashboard that will help find key points on the drivers face. This will eventually create a 3D image that would compare to a computer model. By studying movements of the head, the number of times you blink and even monitors the angle of your gaze. This camera will be monitoring progressive drowsiness. The computer will sense that the driver is in danger of dosing off or falling a sleep. Once the computer detects this the car triggers an alarm or a flashing red light. This technology if adopted can help save many lives lost from falling asleep while driving. 

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