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  • Technology: Development Of Online And Video Games

    April 5, 2022 By Evette Normand 0 comments ,  

    Everyone knows them and almost everyone loves them. The world of video games is colourful and full of emotions. However, today’s games are no longer just pixelated pastimes.

    It all started with the classic game world, Pong. In this classic, players could use the wheel to move a bar, which in turn moves a pixel back to the other side of the playing field. The development from then on went relatively quickly. Complicated game mechanics were quickly developed and the games were available in arcades on arcade machines.

    Consoles and home computers

    With the advent of consoles and home computers, computing power increased and opened up new possibilities for the gaming world. For the first time, players could also tackle complicated games at home, solve puzzles and explore new worlds of Although the graphics were still quite weak by today’s standards, they have improved.

    Games with 8-bit graphics quickly became the standard and enabled significantly more complex displays. Platforms provided even more gaming fun with innovative ideas.

    From then on everything went very quickly, the computing power of computers and consoles increased enormously in a short time. In turn, it made even more complex and exciting gaming experiences possible.

    The Internet

    When the Internet was no longer just a gimmick for the more affluent population, this feature quickly caught on in games as well. Although the connection speeds were still very slow compared to today and usually quite expensive, there were still a few games in which players could not only play with or against each other online but also compete in the so-called Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game in open game worlds. Playing on the net reached another dimension and enabled a more direct exchange.

    The Forgotten Games

    With stable connections and computers and mobile phones/tablets with significantly higher performance, another type of game made a comeback. This is gambling. Previously known only from arcades and casinos, you can now use slot machines could online. Here, too, complex graphics and sophisticated game mechanics are used. Developers of old classic games are sometimes involved in the development of these games.

    The mobile world of games

    Last but not least, there are mobile games. Initially as simple as the classic Snake, today’s games are graphically on par with many a console game and come up with a long playing time and sophisticated game mechanics. Thanks to fast data connections and Wi-Fi, you can use these games online and offer similar features to the games on PCs and consoles.

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