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  • TECHNOLOGY ……. but what is it ?!

    July 21, 2019 By Joseph Brown 0 comments

    There are often two questions I often ask students entering the Grade Secondary School for the first time:

    1) “why is technology being studied in the school of the 21st century?” ;
    2) ” what is meant by technology?” . The answers, despite being the most disparate, hardly catch the mark. The children of recent generations feel an active part of a society that is often called “technological” by everyone to differentiate it from the society of previous centuries; but that perhaps even primitive man had no technological means?

    Well he also had his technology, different and simpler than ours, however he used “objects” to ensure that the daily actions dictated by the need to live, could be carried out in a simpler way and with less effort. Without the technology of primitive man we would not have had our current technology, given that complex technologies are nothing other than the set of simple technologies and current technologies arise from evolutions and assemblages of previous technologies that we define as older, but not for this less important.

    Technology has always been an integral part of human life, since its origins, because it has allowed the satisfaction of many needs, including in the first placethose vital (let’s think of agriculture and breeding that have allowed us to provide the food necessary for life without the man being forced to move or hunt, avoiding efforts or even becoming prey). Technology, therefore, being an integral part of human life, has always had a sociological role, influencing behaviors and lifestyles.

    A strong awareness and manifestation of this has occurred in the last century, that is when the negative aspects of technology are the most evident. Yes, technology has also shown a negative aspect, the second face of the coin. Often the negative aspects are not given so much by the technology itself, but by the way in which it is used (or rather abused) by man. Of course, technology is an interference of man over nature, and this is in itself a negative aspect because it puts the balance of natural cycles in unstable conditions.

    If then the technology is created and used without any regard for the environment, despite having numerous immediate advantages for the simplification of our life, the future repercussions will be many and clearly visible, to the point of putting (as in part it is happening) in our survival is in danger. The biggest problems of the current “technological world” derive from the loss of the purpose for which objects are produced. Today we do not produce objects only to satisfy our main needs, we produce objects also and above all to accumulate “riches”, leading to an exploitation of the

    That’s why we study technology at school ; to understand what it is, how it has evolved over time, what are the critical aspects, how it interacts with the environment and how it can solve needs (problems) still present among various populations, so that you “pupils” of today who will soon be “men of the world” of tomorrow, you can find solutions to the highlighted problems, continuing to produce Technology anyway, which in addition to satisfying all our needs, manages to do so in harmony with the environment, safeguarding the resources that our planet provides us with and which are necessary for our survival, guaranteeing a comfortable and healthy lifestyle to all the people of the planet.

    Ultimately to say what is meant by Technology is not simple and immediate, it often comes to interact with philosophical concepts or even with human sensations or perceptions.
    In our everyday life, talking about technology means talking about a science that deals with the production of goods or the organization of services designed to satisfy human needs . Goods are the objects that man uses in his daily life and services, organized systems that, in order to be put into practice, need means (goods and therefore objects) that are studied and produced by man.

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