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  • T-Shirt Printing Technology: Understanding Direct To Garment Printing

    September 2, 2020 By Evette Normand 0 comments

    There’s a new technique in t-shirt printing, The Silk Digital. While most of us already know how silkscreen is used in t-shirt printing, the call for new innovations in personalizing T-shirts has introduced us to silk digital. Let’s take a look further into this new fairly new technique.

    DTG (Direct To Garment) Printing

    In Brazil, Dimona had been a reliable reference in personalized production. They are, in fact, the pioneer in silk digital t-shirt printing in the country. They offer custom print t-shirts like beard t shirts which are also being offered by online shops like the Wrecked Fashion.

    What Is Silk Digital?

    Bolso blog explains silk digital by detail. This technique is also known as direct to garment printing or DTG.

    The state-of-the-art machinery allows the printing of ink directly on the shirt, either on light or dark-colored backgrounds.

    Following printing, the T-shirt goes through a polimizadora. This is a large high-temperature tunnel to fix the print and optimize the touch.

    Digital silk uses special water-based inks, all imported, which are absorbed by the fibers of the shirt, resulting in beautiful, colorful, and high-quality prints.

    What Are The Advantages Of Silk Digital?

    Unlike conventional Silk Screen, there is no need to develop screens, so you can customize a single T-shirt in minutes. This new printing method allows greater freedom for creating prints, making space for you to create T-shirts using images or photographs, rich in details.

    In addition to allowing the production of prints without a minimum quantity, the Silk Digital offered by Dimona has high production capacity reaching large production volumes.

    The quality of the colors is an immense differential of Silk Digital. Multi-colored prints can be made with high resolution, pleasant touch, and unlimited colors.

    By making it possible to print prints without a minimum quantity, Silk Digital contributes a lot to a new mode of printing prints on-demand, enhancing the profit of t-shirt e-commerce.

    In this sense, if you have an online store you can easily integrate it with Dimona through the E-Print Platform. Thus, each print that your store sells will be produced in Silk Digital and dispatched directly to your end customer.

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