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  • People Love Technology In The Kitchen

    February 6, 2020 By Evette Normand 0 comments ,  

    Many people consider cooking and good food to be one of their main hobbies. Moreover, more and more make use of smart devices and other technological gadgets, which means that they can effortlessly switch from the gas fire to the smartphone app. Below is a brief overview of a simple study to determine how people accepted technology in their kitchen.

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    • Many people like to be in the kitchen: almost half (49%) consider cooking and good food to be one of the favorite hobbies.
    • Many of us are inspired by social media: a third of those surveyed (35%) sometimes look at a food blog, 16% use Facebook and 1 in 10 prefer Instagram.
    • More than half (56%) of of the population roam the internet in search of inspiration for cooking.
      Smartphones and tablets are emphatically present in the contemporary kitchen.
    • More than half of the respondents (53%) believe that digital devices facilitate multitasking in the kitchen, giving them more time for their families, friends and family.


    Like to cook is one thing, but where can you find good recipes? Today, you can rely on gadgets like tablet or smartphone to browse online and on social media for that one recipe you want to try. People eagerly use the latest technology to sharpen their virtuosity in the kitchen. The majority is therefore convinced that the use of digital appliances in the kitchen helps them to make their living space extra versatile and functional.

    1 in 5 kitchen appliances is connected to the internet

    It will not surprise anyone that on average, the modern family has five electronic appliances in the kitchen. We simply can’t live without it anymore. That also explains why the Techonomic Index study, published by Samsung earlier this year, showed a clear increase in the time spent on using electronic household appliances every day. For 2015, that amounted to more than one hour a day (1 hour and 6 minutes).

    Furthermore, the research tells us that in households an average of one in five electronic kitchen appliances is connected to the internet. Today, families prefer to have connected devices in their kitchen to help them do multiple things in the kitchen at the same time. When asked whether these ‘smart’ appliances improve the ins and outs of the kitchen, more than 8 out of 10 (81%) fully answer ‘yes’.

    Koen Dekoning, Samsung Belgium spokesperson confirms: “The ease with which we can access information via our smartphone and various smart devices heralds a new era: that of the connected chef. The Belgians love technology in the kitchen, because it promotes multitasking and makes cooking easier. ”

    The connected household appliances that appeal the most include the dishwasher that comes on when you ask, the oven that alerts you when your dish is ready or the washing machine that you operate remotely. Not to mention those extras like the best soundbar subwoofer combo connected in your kitchen. These are some examples of applications that are available today and that drastically facilitate the household.

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