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  • Intelligent Parking Technology From Lexus

    December 23, 2020 By Evette Normand 0 comments

    Parking requires special care on the part of the driver, regardless of the vehicle you drive and especially if you are driving for services like towing san jose – numerous collisions occur when maneuvering at low speeds. Lexus parking technologies reduce risks for your vehicle and other road users, show you the way into even the tightest of parking spaces, and noticeably support your reactions at the wheel.

    The parking technologies from Lexus mesh seamlessly provide you with comprehensive support when parking, even in tight spaces and in heavy city traffic. The parking aid detects obstacles in the vicinity of the vehicle and sends acoustic warnings if necessary. The system shows you the position of the obstacle on the multifunction display.

    To avoid collisions with other vehicles approaching the rear of your vehicle, Cross-Traffic Assist warns you visually and acoustically.

    Lexus Intelligent Park Assist helps you avoid collisions at low speeds. The system monitors the area in front of and behind your vehicle with the help of distance sensors and reacts with targeted braking interventions as soon as a vehicle or a pedestrian approaches.

    The Lexus Intelligent Park Assist reacts as soon as an obstacle is detected in the vehicle environment and a collision becomes probable. If the vehicle approaches static objects such as walls, the driver receives acoustic warnings and an indication of the obstacle on the multi-information display. If the driver does not react to the warning, the vehicle brakes automatically to avoid an impending collision. If the Cross-Traffic Assist detects approaching vehicles in the rear area, the driver receives a warning signal before the system automatically brakes to a standstill.

    The latest Lexus models also have an extension of the Lexus intelligent parking assistant. This also reacts to approaching pedestrians and warns the driver acoustically and visually on the multifunction display. If the driver does not react and a collision becomes probable, the system triggers braking intervention.

    Disclaimer from Lexus company

    Lexus Safety System + does not replace your attention and responsibility as a driver under any circumstances. Please read the operating instructions before starting up the system.

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