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  • How Technology Has Changed Entertainment

    April 6, 2020 By Evette Normand 0 comments

    Those who talk to the older generations in particular often hear it: earlier everything was better. Who then asks what exactly was so much better, you often hear that in the past life was “nice and easy”. But those older generations who vent this nostalgia often do not understand technology in 2019 – and do not understand how this technology has made our lives easier, especially in the field of recreation.

    How Technology Has Changed The Entertainment Industry

    A wooden top. A horse on wheels. A yo-yo. Grandpa and grandma’s toys leave little to the imagination. For some, such an object symbolizes hours of fun in his or her childhood, for others it is just boring. Younger generations, grown up in the age of the internet, television, telephones, and computers, simply cannot get warm with marbles and hoops. In other words, technology has revolutionized the way we enjoy ourselves.

    93% of the Dutch have (access to) a smartphone. These are attractive figures and they also show how technology determines our leisure use. Because from the classic telephone with handset and dial, which we used to call friends and family, that backbeat has grown into a sophisticated machine with applications, games, and innovations. The figures show that young people use their smartphone for more than just communication: we spend no less than three hours per day, some even more.

    Games themselves have also changed. Hopscotch and goat jumping – not many children do that yet. Nowadays games are played online, on the Playstation or the Xbox. But also ‘just’ on the computer, where, for example, card and dice games that used to be played on the street or in the living room have found their way to the internet.

    Another good example of how technology has changed our entertainment is the place that television, or rather movies and series, occupy in our lives today. Searching and converting videos and music has become easier through sites like tubidy DJ. After all, we are part of the Netflix generation, since this company and the way in which they offer films and series largely determine our leisure activities. Through online streaming, millions of viewers around the world can watch their favorite series or movie at any time of the day (some fanatics even watch such a series all at once – the famous bingo streaming) and such on-demand platforms are now being used all over the world. entertainment world offered.

    This means that entertainment is less time-bound. Where we used to be ready for television or radio to watch or listen to our favorite program, we can watch or listen to any television program, radio program, film, and series whenever we want. Technology has made entertainment more personal – we choose what we want. It has allowed us to take charge of our free time – choosing what we want when we want it. In addition, choice has also increased. Long live technology!

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