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  • How Modern-Day Towing Companies Harness Advancements in Technologies

    Today, businesses have to keep up with the adoption of new technologies in order to stay afloat above the growing competition in their respective industry. Modern-day operators of towing services for one have transformed their business model by including offers of roadside assistance as a way to broaden their customer base.

    Unlike before when towing companies were service providers only to property owners and traffic enforcement authorities, the new breed of towing companies have expanded their clientele by including the driving public in their service missions.

    Besides, today’s consumers now enjoy the benefits of other innovations and technological advancements, particularly through their Internet connections and the power of their mobile devices. The continuing technological improvements in other commercial aspects have made it necessary for towing companies to integrate technologies that will put them in the radar of their target audience. That is regardless of where potential customers are located.

    Moreover, since genuine customer feedback can now make or break a business, towing services operators make sure the technologies they are using, enable them to provide only the best services, whether for towing or roadside assistance.

    Examples of Technological Advancements Being Used by Leading Towing Companies

    Speed and efficiency are the core elements often mentioned when customers describe their experience with service providers. In the business of towing, factors such as fast and clear communication can be aided by mobile apps, ecommerce websites and GPS trackers,

    Speed snd Efficiency Responding to Requests

    GPS trackers enable drivers to immediately locate where a customer is calling from and at the same time, relay tracking information to assure customers that help is already on the way. Drivers of towing vehicles can also use their GPS tracking device in identifying the fastest route to take when responding to a client in distress.

    When delivering a towed vehicle to the auto repair specialist designated by the customer, or recommended by the towing company, the tow truck driver is able to survey the clear paths to take toward a in destination.

    Speed and Efficiency in Dispatching Units

    Towing companies on the other hand are able to locate the nearest units to a customer’s location, enabling the company’s dispatch center to send the nearest available team. Moreover, based on the problem relayed by the customer through their mobile app or website, the dispatch center will be able to send a team best equipped to provide the service/s requested.

    Speed¡ Efficiency and Flexibility of Payment Systems

    Payment systems are likewise important in providing the best in customer experience since not all customers have ready cash on hand during emergency situations. The ability to accept payments through different payment gateways like ewallets, online payment processors, and mobile banking APIs, in addition to credit and debit cards, make it easier for both the company and customer to settle and complete payment transactions.

    Speed and Efficiency in Scheduling Towing Services

    Providing efficient services can also be achieved through proper organization and management of towing schedules. That way, schedule confusions and overlaps can be avoided and at the same ensure there is always a unit available for emergency roadside assistance on a 24/7 schedule.

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