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  • High-tech power tools make every job easier

    June 28, 2021 By Evette Normand 0 comments

    Which power tools do you need? For manual work in the house and garden, you need some powerful electrical devices such as the best compound miter saw with which you can achieve optimal results. But which power tools do you really need? Hardware stores can show you what is part of the basic equipment and what you should pay attention to when choosing.

    These are the advantages of power tools

    A visit to an old castle, a centuries-old church or an antiques fair proves the excellent manual work that was carried out before electricity was harnessed – with hand tools alone. So why should today’s DIYers use power tools? A question to which there are several answers:

    Time savings: Time is precious – and if you try, for example, to cut a table-top length ways with an ordinary hand fox, a quarter of an hour quickly goes by, while the quick cut with the electric circular saw only takes seconds.

    Quality of work: Freehand sawing needs to be learned! What looks easy to an experienced craftsman can quickly become a major challenge for the less experienced. The electric circular saw, on the other hand, cuts cleanly and straight along a guide rail or with the rip fence almost by itself.

    Fatigue-free: Not every do-it-yourselfer has the biceps of a strength athlete. Anyone who has ever sawed through a meter-long board length ways with the foxtail knows that this work is quite a problem. Power tools are a huge relief here.

    New fields of work: Power tools enable work that can only be carried out in an unsatisfactory or impossible manner manually – for example, precise drilling, soldering or welding.

    Independence: Power tools are no longer tied to a nearby socket. Almost all classic work with mains-fed power tools can also be done with cordless power tools. Today, modern battery systems such as lithium-ion technology enable comparable performance even where there is no mains connection, for example outdoors.

    Multifunction tools

    Multifunctional power tools are particularly practical for do-it-yourselfers who only need power tools occasionally. Depending on the model, they are suitable for drilling, screwing, sawing, milling and / or planing or combine several grinding functions in one device. They can be expanded and used with a wide variety of attachments. However, their performance is only sufficient for smaller jobs . If you have big plans, you should rather rely on the special devices.

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