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  • Hi-Tech Goggles Spot Cancer Cells During Surgery

    December 25, 2020 By Evette Normand 0 comments
    Meanwhile in the medical field a group of health experts invented advanced goggles which can detect and see cancer cells during surgery. Developed by a team of radiology and biomedical engineering, the special goggles are expected to improve cancer-related surgeries allowing surgeons to see cancer infected tissue as small as 1 millimeter. At, present, surgeons use Magnetic resonance imaging to plan removal of tumors and other potential cancer cells then remove surrounding tissues. But with the help of this goggles, surgeons are able to spot affected cells at the moment of surgery. This minimizes the chance of left over cancer cells and the need for another surgery. The whole setup consists of an eyewear with special lenses and a hi-tech video system which allows the surgeon to see the cancer cells illuminated by a special type of dye which is injected to the patient.
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