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  • Fashion Industry In Digital Transformation

    August 31, 2021 By Evette Normand 0 comments ,  

    The connection between fashion and technology can be much more than smart clothing and wearables. fashion write for usThis is about new processes, innovative materials and shapes that have never been seen before.

    The fashion industry has always been courageous and visionary in its designs. What you can see on the catwalk at present can be measured as an absolute trend internationally tomorrow. Corporations also benefit from this enthusiasm for innovation when talking about digitizing business processes. Now is the right time for any fashion business to be recognized by other competitors. The clothing industry is having a profound change. The pressure of competition and sales are increasingly shifting from local stores to fashion platforms such as fashion write for us.

    The fashion industry depends on optimized processes

    You can observe a clear digital optimism even if the industry is not digitizing as rapidly as others. It is not for nothing that fashion technology has been enjoying growing popularity.

    The constant requirements and challenges require a quick reaction capability as well as agile and flexible action. It’s about thinking digitally, being able to market products even faster and making business processes more cost-effective. At the same time, consumers expect transparency and sustainability. So it becomes clear that the digital transformation has to encompass all aspects of the corporate culture.

    How brands bridge the digital divide

    Brands have to triumph over their fragmented tactic on the way to fashion. Just having a marketing department updating the Facebook page is not enough. Experts advise creating a uniform platform for all sales channels and processes. This reduces complexity for dealers and enables a holistic approach to customers. System maintenance and hosting of the infrastructure are best outsourced to the cloud. Digital improvements in the stores are also necessary and attract customers in the sense of a perfect customer journey.

    Integrating virtual worlds into the fashion industry

    Product development is becoming more and more digital, and the rendering of textiles is being worked on. When this process has been perfected, virtual textiles can be created on the basis of this data and used for image material before the collection is even finished. Diverse but also inexpensive images of current fashion are particularly important for digitized marketing that takes place via social media.

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