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    Those who talk to the older generations in particular often hear it: earlier everything was better. Who then asks what exactly was so much better, you often hear that in the past life was “nice and easy”. But those older generations who vent this nostalgia often do not understand technology in 2019 – and do.

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    Generally, as digital era dominates the world today, smartphones almost control everything. From light fixtures to heating and cooling systems, from motion-censored security cameras to internet operated doors, these innovations can be automatically controlled or adjusted through the use of smartphones. Meanwhile, some smart home automation systems are gaining their popularity because of their user.

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    The American microbiological test company Innovaprep has developed technology that tests the air for traces of the coronavirus. The process involves several steps. First of all, the “Bobcat” machine takes an air sample and collects the microbes and germs in a special filter. The sample is then converted into a liquid using a special foam..

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    Many people consider cooking and good food to be one of their main hobbies. Moreover, more and more make use of smart devices and other technological gadgets, which means that they can effortlessly switch from the gas fire to the smartphone app. Below is a brief overview of a simple study to determine how people.

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    “Technology has made a significant contribution to making people better in Europe and the United States over the past 40 years,” said Eckart Windhagen, McKinsey’s senior partner. According to Eckart Windhagen, this trend can only be continued “if companies use new technologies correctly”. Using around 600 case studies and technological applications, the McKinsey Global Institute.

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