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  • Apple Could Launch iPhone 12 This Year As The Fastest 5G Smartphone In The World

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    Apple has never failed the tech fans when it comes to the latest version of its flagship iPhone handset. With the current iPhone 11 version, users have everything they need in just one flick of their finger. The current iPhone’s design is also the most sophisticated that it has been since the beginning. One could not just imagine how much could Apple take the iPhone to the next level this 2020. Per the latest rumors, the Cupertino-based tech giant will unveil the world’s fastest 5G smartphone via the iPhone 12.

    The iPhone followers are already anticipating the 2020 model to feature the 5G connectivity, which boasts increased internet speed and more efficient usage compared to the current 4G/LTE used in today’s devices. However, the iPhone 12 is now expected to make the most out of the 5G connectivity feature, probably even greater than that of Samsung’s latest Galaxy handsets.

    Big Surprises In Store This September For iPhone Fans

    In spite of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there is nothing to stop Apple from introducing its next big iPhone model to the world. Fans can watch the live unveiling of the latest iPhone 12 through TV or their own phones via live streaming. As for now, Apple has yet to confirm the exact unveiling date of the iPhone 12, but based on the previous Fall events of the company, the iPhone 12 is more likely to make an appearance a few weeks from now.

    Truly, technology in constantly changing for the better, and the iPhone fans can expect a lot from the upcoming iPhone 12. One of the anticipated changes to be featured by the iPhone 12 is a wider screen display, which could also be a sign that Apple is slowly turning the iPhone into a gaming device. In spite of this, the iPhone 12 is still expected to keep its sophisticated design, just like the 2019 version.

    The biggest question of all is the technology behind the rumored 5G connectivity to be highlighted by the iPhone 12. Rumor has it that Apple is planning to upstage Samsung’s latest Galaxy S series phone by increasing the network features of the latest iPhone. Nonetheless, this is a wise move from Apple as this would attract more users to choose the iPhone 12 over the other devices. Aside from the high-end tech features and smart design, users are also more into the efficiency of the device that they are buying.

    With this, we can expect more fans from Philadelphia to follow the updates about the iPhone 12, knowing how the people there are looking for the best smartphone with trusted network connectivity.

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